OnGuard Innovation Is Maximum Security

rossbar, shackle and lock head covers sport new coatings with a bright color scheme that sends a clear warning to thieves.  Inside we’ve completely re-tooled our lock internals with tighter tolerances and higher-grade materials for better weather resistance and smoother operation. Our new Z-Cylinder features automatic keyway covers and a stronger, torque- resistant key design.When a thief sees one of our locks,  they know it's time to move on to something weaker.  We improved our all-tube mounting brackets with an innovative Twist-Lock System for positive engagement and easy push button release.

A lock is only as good as it’s weakest link. And where some locks secure only one side of the shackle, OnGuard’s patented X4P Quattro Bolt, X2P Double Bolt and X2P Dual Lock Down mechanisms secure both sides for a double-redundant sys- tem that resists attack from pulling, jacking and prying. And OnGuard’s user-settable SBC Steel Ball Combo locks feature a high security click gear system that resists picking and pulling. Simply put, OnGuard lock technology means maximum security. 

  • Shackle secured at both ends for a double-redundant system.
  • Both sides of shackle must be defeated to open lock. 
  • Hardened steel throughout resists all forms of attack.
  • Round profiles and smooth edges eliminate leverage points. 

Technological Innovations Make the Difference


X4P Quattro Bolt mechanism secures the shackle to the crossbar in four places maximizing strength to resist pulling, jacking, prying and twisting.  Patented.



X2P Double Bolt mechanism secures both sides of he shackle to the crossbar for high resistance to pulling, jacking and prying.  Patent pending.




The Z-Cylinder offers high pick protection and features BumpBlock™ technology to render bump keys useless.  Lock mechanism is encased in ultra-hardened steel to resist drilling or pulling.



Steel Ball Combo (SBC) locks use a smooth-running, steel ball click gear system that resists picking and pulling.  Patent pending.



X2P Dual Lock Down.  Padlocks with the X2P Dual Lock Down mechanisms secure both sides of the shackle for ultimate pull resistance.  Patent pending.


X2P Double Bolt.  Cable locks with the X2P Dual Lock Down mechanisms secure cable to lock head in two places for high pull and pry resistance.  Patent pending.